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Surprises, both good and bad, are inevitable. Ensuring the safety of your valued assets is your utmost concern. An asset can be your newly bought car, bike, home, valuable metals like gold, silver, money etc. These items can be safeguarded in some war or other. Here general insurance comes into the picture!

General Insurance or non-life-insurance provides insurance of property against fire, burglary, etc. personal insurance such as Accident and Health Insurance, and liability insurance, which covers legal liabilities. Errors and Omissions insurance for professionals, credit insurance, etc. are also covered under the general insurance policy. There are top insurance companies in India that offer comprehensive insurance policies to the individual


Types of General Insurance Policies:

There are different types of General Insurance Policies offered by various insurance companies in India. They are discussed in detail below:

Motor Insurance  

Motor insurance policy provides a complete and cost-effective insurance plans for two-wheeler and car including commercial and private vehicles, with the optimum coverage.


Health Insurance

Health insurance policy is an insurance scheme that provides its customer with financial cover against the medical cost for any individual or family.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policy is designed for the people to provide financial support in case of any mishap such as the loss of luggage, passport or any other belongings while travelling.


Home Insurance

Home insurance policy is a type of insurance policy that offers cover for home and its contents to stay safe and secure from the perils of damages and losses that might arise due to any unforeseen event


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Quality service is important. From purchase of General Insurance products, through the policy period till your claims, we will ensure you are at the forefront of how we think and operate. 

We are working with NIC & Star Health, the most trusted brand.

We operate with a set of values that we call the ‘SS Way’. These help us serve discerning customers like you to the best of our abilities, always. 

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Each of our policy represents our ‘promise’ to best serve you. Our Accident and Health claims process has received ISO 9001-2015 for customer service. We have won the nations top most awards for intelligent claims management system. 

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Our edge comes from our people. It is our people who make a meaningful difference to you and the world around us. We are a team of 20 plus employees and our services are distributed across 14 cities. 

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